Tree Stump Removal


Stump Removal & Tree Felling

Based in Southport we offer a complete and professional tree stump removal and clearance service available to both domestic and commercial customers. Using the latest machinery we can cater for your needs regardless of the size, from the smallest hedge shoots to complete tree removal and stump grinding, no job is too big or too small.

A tree root structure is what supports a tree throughout its life and these can be very deep and widespread, this usually goes hand in hand with the size of the tree, therefore digging up the roots is often not an option. That's where we come in, after we assess the stump we use underground service detection equipment in order to avoid damaging cables, sewers and water pipes etc before any work commences.

We will then grind stump and surface roots well below ground level to completely remove the root ball and the resulting mulch can then be re used to fill the site, or in other areas of your garden, this ensures that all chippings etc produced in the process are fully re-cycled back into the environment, eventually rotting down providing essential nutrients and nourishment to the soil. Once this is carried out it allows you to use this space for replanting, or ground preparation for other uses such as paving, extra outside storage or space for a lawn or patio area. Our Stump Grinding and Stump Removal service also ensures that any risk of a tree having re growth is nil.


If you want to completely remove the tree stump and go down into the roots, we can provide complete Stump Removal


Sometimes just grinding the tree stump down to ground level is adequate for some customers.


From top to bottom, we can take tree's down, remove them and remove the stumps, its what we do!


Complete Tree & Stump Removal


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